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Where is Solar Control Ltd. located and what are your hours?

Solar Control Ltd. is located at 41 Sandyford St, Sydenham, Christchurch. We are open 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday. However when we are working on buildings we are not in our workshop. Therefore, if you want to visit us, please phone 03 365 0595 first to make sure someone is in to help you. If you happen to be going past, feel free to drop in. Our phone is always answered during business hours.

How much does solar window film cost?

The cost is dependant on the total size of the job, window frame type, accessibility, location, actual pane sizes (we have to fit these into our material sizes) etc. It is difficult to make a meaningful estimate by phone. We prefer to visit the site and see the job. This allows us to give an accurate and fixed price. It also gives our client a chance to see a range of appropriate materials to choose from.

I've seen some film that looks terrible. Why is that?

Window film is a totally visual item and the eye is a hard taskmaster. Just like paint, carpet or anything else that has colour, window film is constantly open to close scrutiny. A really old, poorly applied or badly maintained job will show it’s bad side. Additionally some jobs are more than 30 years old. Solar Film was not nearly as good 30 years ago as it is today. Ask yourself this. For the occasional bad job you notice, how many great jobs have you missed because you think they are tinted glass? Bare in mind we apply 5 – 6 thousand square meters of film in and around Christchurch every year. That’s a lot of great jobs!